Task: To create a platform for like-minded people in the field of advertising and business.

Short-story: Everything is changing very quickly now, which also holds true regarding promoting business online. Previously, Internet marketing was quite enough to attract customers and partners. Now a new era has begun - digital marketing. The purpose of the event is to show on one platform the best digital cases of the last year, to help beginners in the sphere know their idols and to discuss all of the above in a relaxed atmosphere.

Realization: By order of IAB Belarus we have started the project as a whole, beginning with the formation of the idea and development of the creative concept. Our talented designers have developed a catchy visual style of the project.

Firstly we organized a cool two-day party at the outdoor area of "Isloch Park" for those who know the subject. Speakers from different fields were invited to talk about mental health, sports, music, problems in digital and their solutions. We organized fun sports activities on the site, motivational workshops and devoted one day to the analysis of cool cases. The stand-up comedians, musicians and a delicious food court were responsible for the entertainment on-site. In fact, we have created a new format - networking event and conference in one.

cool speakers.
carefully studied cases.
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